A Guide to Buying an Electric Massage Chair At HR-Sports Australia

Massage Methods

The massage chairs are usually electric recliner chairs with two transmission types. The low-end recliner lounges have simple features like rolling massage and vibration, but if you need more specifications, you can choose a high-end massage chair with extensive features like kneading, tapping, rolling, heat massage, inversion therapy, zero gravity, reflexology, and many more. You can buy the electric recliner chairs from any Afterpay store according to the massage functions that you need.

Massage Area Options

Massage roller Options

There are massage rollers inside the massage chair that you can find at Afterpay stores such as HR Sports. They vary in size and placement. There are three options available in the massage rollers; 2D, 3D, and 4D. The 2D rollers move horizontally and vertically. The 3D rollers have a manual speed adjusting system and a protruding feature. The 4D is the latest technology with similarities with 3D rollers but introduces the automatic control on roller speed. While buying a massage chair, look for the number of rollers and the height and width adjustments in the rollers.

Heating Feature

You can skip the trouble of filling your water bags and massaging your body because the latest technology has a heating option. The heated seat of the electric recliner chairs provides warmth to the body. There is also a heat control system to adjust the intensity of heat according to your relaxation. There are recliner loungers at Afterpay stores with various placements of heating spots. You can buy an electric massage chair with massage rollers, airbags, and infrared heating options integrated into them to relax muscles.

Reclining Options

Massage Intensity

The electric massage chairs offer various intensities of massage because massage strengths are essential to have a comfortable massage. There are several numbers motors inside the electric recliner chairs across multiple strength options so you can adjust the intensity of the power. More motors mean more strength of massage and better durability. You can change the massage intensity of the massage chairs according to your need and increase it when your body gets accustomed to it. The power is controlled with the help of remote controllers on the armrests. So, do not look at the outside only while purchasing a recliner lounger because the inside of the chairs gives them more strength and makes them long-lasting.

Built-in Massage Options

There are recliner loungers at Afterpay stores in Australia with built-in massage options, so you do not have to worry about the complex intensities and features of the chair that are difficult to understand. So, if you are buying them for an aged person or you want better comfortability, you can purchase chairs with pre-programmed massage options with timers and body-mapping features that are controlled by just one touch. You can also set the customized programs according to your suitability.



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