Best stellar Kids Ride On cars You can buy for your Kids

  • High-quality anti-slip tyres are suitable for all kinds of surface
  • It comes out with “push button” to start up the engine along with realistic sound to give your kid the most realistic experience.
  • An exact replica of original Bentley’s dashboard with stylish steering wheel along with the working horn.
  • Inside the dashboard, there is inbuilt audio cable to which you can plug in your MP3 player or iPhone so that your kids can enjoy music while driving.
  • Not this much it also has Tf card insert support so that you can load all songs in your card and insert that card in the slot provided inside the dashboard and enjoy your music.
  • It also comes with SSA approved charger
  • Real wheel suspensions so that your little champ won’t feel bump while riding his car.
  • One of the best 50W twin motors For smooth driving which is connected to the two most durable 6V 4.5aH batteries for providing long-lasting riding experience up to 2 hours with full charging along with SSA approved charger. It can run up to the speed of 3–8Km/h depending upon the weight of the child.
  • The outer body of range rover looks completely stunning with black lacquer finish along with Kidney-shaped grille and the striking headlight and reversing lights.
  • Dashboard very identical to original range rover’s Dashboard also offering MP3 connectivity also lights flash over it whenever music plays.
  • Workable doors along with auto — Safety locks which lock the door automatically when the car is running.
  • Additional functionality like push starts to turn on the engine, forward and reverse lever.
  • Most comfortable Sports seats along with seat belts for safety.

The Best Online Shopping Website in Australia

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William Jones

William Jones

The Best Online Shopping Website in Australia

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