Latest Innovative Kid’s Electric Cars with AfterPay

William Jones
3 min readMar 25, 2019

Kids love nothing more than their toys and we know how happy and ecstatic they feel getting a new toy. Even the new kids ride on cars have made to expand the level of their happiness. The latest kids ride on cars have brought out new features to make a kid’s ride safe and magnificent as never before. Influenced brands put various designs just to make sure whether a kid’s electric car looks like the parent’s car. The new innovative kids’ cars are on demand as they feature different kinds of lights, sirens, sound systems, and even speed control. There’re also new features installed such as remote control and smartphone control by which parents can comfortably handle their kid’s car. Now, the brands have been considering making it according to a kid’s favorite profession, the kids ride on cars have become the first choice of kids. Here’s the list of some brand new types of kids ride on cars with vogue features which offer a thunderous experience for your kids ever.

Rigo Kids Pedal Powered Go-Kart: Go Kart comes with a sturdy steel frame represents itself a race-style go-kart. It provides easy control steering wheel and safe karting experience. This fully pedal-powered speed control car with newest features also offer a high back seat with utmost space. Because the safety comes first, the kids ride on car has manual brake especially added considering safety issues. It has premium absorbing rubber tyres which make a pair best with its sturdy steel frame. With all the features a kid needs to have an exceptional ride, the Go-Kart stands out in favour of it.

Kids Pedal Powered Go-Kart

Go Skitz Adventure Electric Quad Bike: Go Skitz is an adventure bike especially prepared and instructed for the kids above three years of age. It has distinct features such as a music player with USB socket and radio function. Starts with pushing just a button and has provided wheel suspension. As chic in look, it can speeds up to 7km/h. This electric quad bike has given with a dashing design especially to pair its marks up with your kid’s naughtiness.

Electric Quad Bike

Rigo Star Wars BB8 Inspired Kids Ride on Car: The Stars Wars BB8 kids ride on is one of the finest examples of modern creativity. It features lacquered paintwork and flash headlights. Installed a functional dashboard which controls keyless start, omnidirectional movement, speed selection, music player and additional music MP3 input like TF card slot and USB slot. This kids electric car is steered with two joysticks and has great power features which provide two hours of run on a single charge. Especially concerned as a space vehicle, get your kid ready for a heavenly interstellar journey.

Rigo Star Wars BB8

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