Stunning kids ride on cars at Pay Later.

William Jones
3 min readJul 4, 2019

Whenever the term comes to kids, we like to say it with intense pride and honour that we’re leading as one of the most trusted Afterpay stores for providing creative and entertained kids ride on cars in Australia. Kids happiness stands first and considering this, we here at Kids Ride On Cars: Most trusted Afterpay store in Australia, committed to providing only sturdy and durable pieces of kids ride on cars in the country. Catch the latest deals on kids ride on cars with a hefty discount on each of them and gift your princess the ultimate fun ride of her life.

  1. Kids Ride On Car — Black

Featuring an upgraded 50W twin motor, the ride on car is adorned with defined surfaces and taut lines for an athletic appeal. The lacquer finish is impeccable with the wraparound headlights and reversing lights complementing its agile looks. Inside, the lockable doors let your kid settle into its sporty seats with safety belt with ease. A well-designed dashboard puts everything in close control including the push start button, speed switch, forward/reverse lever, horn and MP3 connectivity for more music on the move in addition to its built-in tunes that sync with the flashing lights. Unique to the ride on car is the soft speed system that actually allows for gradual acceleration and deceleration. This prevents jerky starts or sudden stops when the throttle and brake are applied respectively. An added safety feature that ensures your child is always riding safely at any speed. Naturally, if you want to have some adult control, a remote override control is available for use.

2. Kids Ride On Car — White

The twin 35W motors can definitely give the ride on a car a jack-rabbit start from zero to top speed in seconds. The easy-to-use dashboard features a battery level indicator, forward/reverse button, high/low-speed button and keyless start. And when your child is earnestly cruising up and down the driveway, the built-in audio system of pre-selected songs and stories will keep them entertained in tandem with the flashing lights. Alternatively, the MP3 connectivity at the controls can dramatically increase their music repertoire. With power comes great safety too. The Kids Ride On Car sports a spacious seat with seat belt, superb suspension system, reverse safety lights, anti-slip tyres and a unique soft speed system to prevent jerky starts and enable gradual deceleration. And if things do get out of hand, parents can take over the reins with parental remote control.

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